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Forbidden City - Imperial Garden

Yuhuayuan, the Imperial Garden is outside the Gate of Terrestrial Tranquility in the back of the Inner Court of the Forbidden City.

Imperial GardenThe garden is kept exclusively for the Imperial family. The garden was built in 1420. There have been additions to the Garden, but the one we see today is basically the original built nearly 600 years ago.

The Imperial Garden, nearly 3 acres in size, has many interesting structures of different styles. The garden is arranged in a very thoughtful way. There are a great many trees, flowerbeds, and artificial rock hills inside the garden, but one does not feel that the garden is crowded. There are many trees of hundred of years old. There is a pavilion at each corner of the Garden, representing the 4 seasons of the year. The one representing the spring, called Pavilion of Myriad Spring, is most famous, which was added to the garden in 1535.

Gathering Beauty Hill (Duixiushan) is a little artificial mountain with a cave. It is located in the northeast. Fountains play around it and Yujingyuan (Pavilion of Imperial View) is on top of the mountain. The Qing Emperors would climb up to the Pavilion on the Chongyang Festival to enjoy the scenery with the royal family.

This may be the best known imperial garden anywhere in the world with a Chinese tradition.