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Forbidden City - Six Western Palaces

The group of palaces and halls to the west of the 3 rear palaces is called the Western Route, including Yangxindian (Hall of Mental Cultivation) in the front and the Six Western Palaces in the rear. The Six Western Palaces include Chuxiugong (Palace for Gathering Elegance), Taijidian (Hall of the Supreme Being) and Changchungong (Palace of Eternal Spring).

Taijidian (Hall of Supreme Being) is called Weiyanggong (Palace of the Young Night) in the Ming Dynasty and Hall of Supreme Being in Qing, this was the concubines' residence.

Changchungong (Palace of Eternal Spring) was a residence for Ming emperors' concubines. During the Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi and concubines of the last emperor, Pu Yi (reigned 1909-1911), once lived here.

Chuxiugong (Palace for Gathering Elegance) was once empress Dowager Cixi's residence. Cixi spent 630,000 taels of silver fitting up this palace to celebrate her 50th birthday. The decorations and furniture inside the palace are extremely lavish.