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Liulichang Street

Liulichang Street was once a flourishing cultural center during the Ming and Qing dynasties where scholars, painters and calligraphers gathered to purchase materials, exchange ideas, compose poetry, write books and paint pictures.

Liulichang StreetIn the modern age, the street is located in downtown Beijing by the Peace Gate and large scale renovations completed in 1984, have transformed the street into an antique market that resembles a Chinese village. The shops that flank the street are filled with genuine and convincing imitation paintings, calligraphy, pottery, carpets, vases, books, scrolls and chops. All genuine antiques purchased here can be taken out of China as they have been authenticated by experts and certificates are available in the stores.

The street is a mixture of state-run and privately owned shops and you should definitely bargain before making purchases. There are also replicas of traditional teahouses and wine shops, as well as a Confucian restaurant for tourists to rest and enjoy Chinese cuisine.