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Western Hills

The Western Hills, west of Beijing and about 15 kilometer from Kunming city, lie along the western shore of Dianchi Lake. It stretches from north to south for about 40 kilometer. The Hills resemble a reclining maiden lying on the banks of Dianchi Lake with her long hair flowing down into the lake.

As a result, the Western Hills have the nickname of the "A Sleeping Beauty Hills". In actuality, the Western Hills is a forested and lovely park which is perfect for hiking.

Some of the major sites include: Huating Temple (Huating Si), an ancient Buddhist temple that was originally a retreat for the local ruler; Taihua Temple (Taihua Si), with its charming orchard courtyard; Sanqing Pavilion (Sanqingge), a Daoist temple dedicated to that religion's 3 major deities; and Dragon Gate (Longmen), a collection of Daoist caves and sculptures.