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History Museum and Museum of Chinese Revolution

The History Museum and Museum of Revolution share an enormous building, 300 m long on the east side of Tian'anmen Square. The central hall is dedicated to the memory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. To the north of the hall is the History Museum and to the south the Museum of Revolution. Both museums are arranged symmetrically, each with an introductory hall and 17 exhibition halls.

History Museum and Museum of Chinese RevolutionThe History Museum showcases a comprehensive introduction to Chinese civilization dating from 3000 BC to 1911 AD. Some 30,000 pieces are on exhibit including Jade seals from the Taiping, Heavenly Kingdom (1851-1864), Tang stone figurines and Han and Song dynasty pottery.

The Museum of Revolution begins where the History Museum ends and introduces the visitor to Chinese modern history. Much of China's modern history is exhibited, including the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (1919-1921), the first 2 civil wars (1924-1927 and 1927-1937), the resistance against Japanese aggression (1937-1945) and the liberation war (1945-1949). The museum is frequently updated to reflect the developments of modern political history.