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Song Qingling Museum

Song Qingling (1893-1981), was wife of Dr. Sun Yatsen, founder of the Republic of China and one of the famous 'Soong Sisters'. She has been described as one of China's outstanding women of the 20th century and was a great advocate of civil rights, democracy and freedom from aggression.

Song Qingling MuseumAfter her husband's death in 1925, Song Qingling supported the Communist government and was eventually made honorary President of the People's Republic; in spite of the fact that most of her family was key member of the Kuomintang. Her younger sister Meiling was married to Chiang Kaishek and older sister Ailing was married to H.H. Kung, finance minister for the Kuomintang.

Song's home is on the grounds of what used to be the mansion of Qing dynasty princes. The government built a residence for her on this site and Song worked, studied and lived there from 1963 until her death in 1981. After her passing, the stately home was transformed into a museum dedicated to her and Sun Yatsen. Visitors will find photographs and personal items from Song's life as well as rooms set up with furniture as they were in her lifetime. A section of the museum is called the Children's Hall and reflects Song's great affection and concern for the youth of China.