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Yunmeng Mountain Forest Park

This park is located in Miyun County, about 82 kilometer northeast from Beijing. It contains a wild botanical garden on the western shores of the Miyun Reservoir. The mountain covers 2,208 hectares and includes more than 100 varieties of trees. Its tallest peak is 1,414 m and is home to both roe and common deer. Different shaped peaks, waterfalls, streams and ponds, as well as clouds weaving through the mountains, natural forests and historical relics are the main attractions in the area.

Guiguzi Fort in the Yunmeng Mountains is said to be the place where the military strategist Master Sun Bin learned his craft. The village contains ancient-style log cabins. The summit of the mountain resembles an arm chair and legend has it that this chair was the throne of the commander of the fort. Until now, no one has ever ascended this throne.