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Shopping - Antique

Century Arts

This store carries an amazing collection of genuine antique Tibetan cabinets. On display in the shop are only a small fraction of what is available; many more cabinets are at the shop's warehouse.

Address: Gongrentiyuchang Dong Lu A-6, Chaoyang District

Chengguzhai Antique Store

You'll find more handicrafts; ceramics, jewelry, and knickknacks, than antiques here.

Address: 194 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District

Liulichang Culture Street

As an antique collector, you should not miss Liulichang Culture Street. It is a few minutes' walk from the south of Hepingmen subway station.

It is an established market selling jewelry, antiques and ancient calligraphies and paintings. Antiques of over 100 years old and over are marked with a red seal and requires an export license before leaving the country.

The best-known shop in this street is Rongbaozhai, which first opened about 300 years ago, and it sells authentic works of art. There are also shops selling old watches and furniture.

Address: Liulichang Street

Museum of Antique Currency

Gudai Qianbi Zhanlanguan. Collectors buy, sell, and trade old coins and paper currency outside this museum every day.

Address: Bei'erhuan Jie, Xicheng District

Yuetan Schichang

For old stamps, try the stamp traders' stalls along the west side of Yuetan Park. Coins are sold at many antiques and curio shops in the same area.

Address: Yuetan Park, Haidian District