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Shopping - Clothing

Beijing Friendship Supermarket

This grocery and fabric store, conveniently located north of the Sanlitun Bar Street, carries a good selection of silk, cotton, and linen, as well as tailors who speak some English and make Chinese-style clothing (and can copy just about anything else).

Address: 7 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District

China Star Silk Store

This is the place to order a qipao, a traditional Chinese silk dress.

Address: 133 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District

Huan Huan Cashmere Shop

You can find plenty of synthetic 'pashminas' in Silk Alley, but the real thing is harder to find. Huan Huan is one of the few stalls that does sell authentic, high-quality men's and women's cashmere sweaters and shawls.

Address: Silk Alley, Chongwen District

Mystery Garments

Modern ethnic clothing made from natural fibers, such as linen and silk, and encompassing Chinese embroidery from Guizhou, is sold at this store in the Kerry Center. There's another branch in the Holiday Inn Lido.

Address: Kerry Center, 1 Guang Hua Lu, Chaoyang District

Ritan Office Builing Market

Over 40 indoor stalls on 2 floors sell fashionable women's clothing, some of it real name brands such as Ann Taylor, BCBG, DKNY, and Eileen Fisher. A stall on the first floor sells reasonably priced cashmere scarves and sweaters.

Address: 15A Guanghua Lu, southeast corner of Ritan Park, Chaoyang District

Ruby Cashmere Shop

This small shop sells genuine cashmere sweaters and scarves; often similar stock as in the Friendship Store, at reduced prices. The tailors here can also make copies of cashmere clothing.

Address: Ritan Office Building Market, room 1009, 15A Guanghua Lu, southeast corner of Ritan Park, Chaoyang District.

Silk Alley Market

Here, dozens of open-air clothing and accessory stalls sell made-for-export apparel, such as North Face jackets, Esprit sportswear, designer suites, and cashmere shawls.

Just be aware that much of the brand-name clothing, and even the cashmere, is fake. Start at the south end of Silk Alley as the north end, which is near to the American embassy, is closed for security reasons.

Address: Xiushui Nan Jie and Xiushui Dong Jie, Chaoyang District

Yaxiu Market

Yaxiu is an indoor market just west of Sanlitun Bar Street known for knock-off brand-name clothing bargains. The first 2 floors carry women's clothing, while the third has children's clothing.

Address: Gongti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District

Yuanlong Embroidery and Silk Store

Beijing's best yardage shop, Yuanlong has sold silks and yard goods for more than a century. It also offers custom tailoring and shipping.

Address: 55 Tiantan Lu, Chongwen District