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Shopping - Markets

Donsi Market Area

To the north-east of Wangfujing used to be an old fair around Longfu Temple. With the building of a large department store, the area gradually turned into a market area. Now there are many private shops along the adjacent street as well.

Address: Doncheng District

Hongqiao Market

Located down the street from the Temple of Heaven, this is an indoor market with everything you can imagine; coats, jewelry, scarves, purses, porcelain, but the main attraction is the good selection of freshwater pearls on the third floor.

Address: Tiantan Lu, between Chongemenwai Lu and Tiyuguan Dajie, Chongwen District

Panjiayuan Market

The Panjiayuan Sunday market is Beijing's liveliest and should not be missed. Vendors, many from faraway provinces, fill hundreds of open-air stalls with a dizzying array of collectibles, as well as lots of junk. Old clocks, new porcelain, jade, bronzes, tomb art, wood carvings, Tibetan rugs, 'Maomorabilia'; it's all there.

The best is to arrive at sunrise to beat the crowds.

The market is open Saturdays and Sundays from sunrise to about 3 pm. Please make sure to bargain, as many vendors set their first price up to 10 times higher than what they are willing to sell for.

Address: Huaweiqiaoxinan Jie, Dongsanhuan, Chaoyang District

Zhaojia Chaowai Market

Beijing's best-known venue for affordable antique and reproduction furniture houses scores of independent vendors who sell everything from authentic Qing chests to traditional baskets, ceramics, carpets, and curios. Be sure to bargain; vendors routinely sell items for less than half their starting price.

Address: 43 Huawei Bei Li, Chaoyang District