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Jietai Temple

Jietai Temple is located 35 kilometer west of Beijing and only 8 kilometer from Tanzhe Temple. Jietai Si, or temple of the ordination altar, takes its name from its famous Ming marble ordination altar. Built some 1,300 years ago, this altar is nearly 5 meter high and is decorated with delicate and exquisite carvings.

Jietai TempleThe temple was first built in 622 AD during the Tang dynasty but most of the buildings in this temple date from the Qing dynasty.

Surrounding the main hall are a number of courtyards containing rock formations and old pine and cypress trees. The temple is famous for its ancient trees that are the subject of many songs. It is said that the Chinese scholar tree known as the protector of Buddhism found on the grounds, is more than 1,000 years old. Other famous trees include the 'nine dragon tree' which has 9 branches that reach up to the sky like 9 flying dragons and the 'mobile tree' which trembles even when only one branch is slightly touched.