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Northern Church

Also called Xishiku church, the Northern Church (Baudang) is located in a mixed commercial, residential and hospital district in the northern part of central Beijing. It is near the University and the National Library, behind very high protective walls and large iron gates.

Northern ChurchIt is the largest Catholic Church in Beijing, its style is typical Gothic and it is famous for its grand architecture.

2 pavilions with green glazed tile roofs were built on each side in front of the church with stone columns and stone lions surrounding and guarding the place of worship, adding the architectural style of Chinese gardens. Built in 1890 by a French mission, the church was formerly the centre of a great complex of schools, orphanages and hospitals.

The building has a tall, wide nave with side aisles, octagonal transepts and a huge sanctuary. There are many chandeliers and large painted stations of the cross, antique stained glass and the remains of old wall decorations.