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White Cloud Temple

Located in southwestern Beijing, White Cloud Temple (Baiyunguan); the headquarters of the Quanzhen Daoist Sect, was founded in the 8th century. Tang dynasty emperor Xuanzong ordered its construction to house a stone seated statue of Laozi, the founder of Daoism. White Cloud TempleThe original temple burned down in 1202 and the only article that survived was the stone statue which is on display in the exhibition hall.

Kublai Khan had the temple rebuilt and in 1224, invited the famous Daoist monk Qiu Chuji to live there. At his passing, Qiu was buried in the temple complex and there is now a Hall of the Patriach Qiu devoted to his worship.

There is also a stele with calligraphy by Qing emperor Qianlong recording in detail the history of the temple and the life of Qiu Chuji.

Further renovations were made to the temple in the Qing dynasty and it is a good example of Daoist architecture from the period.