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Hainan Coconut Festival

Date: the first 10-day period in April (the third day of the third lunar month)
Venues: Haikou City, Wenchang County, Tongzha City and Sanya City (Hainan)

The coconut tree is the emblem of the Hainan Island, known also as "Coconut Island". On April 3-8, 1992, the provincial government held the first Hainan International Coconut Festival to show what was being done in Hainan as a special economic zone.

Since then the International Coconut Festival has become an annual event, during which time the island province's coconut-associated cultural heritage and ethnic habits and customs are displayed. Business talks are also held during the festival.

During this festival people can enjoy the lantern display in the Coconut City, the Coconut Street, gala celebrations among ethnic Li and Miao people, international dragon boat racing, ethnic martial contest, variety shows, weddings in Li and Miao traditions, and sacrifices to ancestors.