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Jilin Rime Festival

Date: the second 10-day period in January
Venue: Jilin City (Jilin)

Jilin Rime FestivalThe festival has been held 5 times since 1991, usually held between December and late January. The festival opens the doors for economic and trade departments and enterprises to introduce themselves, discussing, showing, buying and selling all kinds of products and services.

There is an ice sports complex in the centre of town. The city opens a tourist snow ground and ice entertainment arena on North Hill and Rosefinch Hill. Songhua Lake, Beida Lake and Lianhua Lake ski slopes are the best-equipped professional sites for skiing. Also people can enjoy a grand ice and colorful lantern show, ice and snow games, lanterns are released on the river, fireworks displays and a parade of colorful boats. Local people perform the northeastern Yangge dance and the folk festivals of the Manchu and Korean people are celebrated. Exhibitions of delicious northeastern cuisine and trade fairs are also organized.