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Luoyang Peony Fair

Date: April 15-25
Venues: Luoyang (Henan)

Luoyang Peony FairLuoyang began the cultivation of the peony 1,400 years ago, and over 350 varieties are grown there today. The peony, the emblem flower of Luoyang, is lauded as 'queen of flowers with ethereal color and celestial fragrance'.

Since the Tang dynasty, no Chinese city has been able to rival Luoyang in growing peonies. Growing the peony and marveling at it has, in fact, long been a local obsession. Of the 500,000 peony shrubs in 350-odd strains that are cultivated in Luoyang, the yaohuang (Yao's yellow peony) and weizi (Wei's purple peony) are the "king" and "queen" of all peonies. The first Luoyang Peony Festival took place on April 15-25 in 1983; since then it has become a major annual event.

During the fair, the city blooms with the beautiful flowers, which give out a faint scent, and large performances are held. Visitors may view flowers, visit exhibitions of lanterns, paintings, calligraphy and photographs, and take part in symposiums and business talks. Tourists may visit the renowned Longmen Caves, the White Horse Temple and ancient tombs.