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Mt. Wutai Tourist Month

Date: July 25-August 25
Venue: Taihua Town, Wutai County (Shanxi)

Mt. WutaiSince ancient times, Mt. Wutai has been a site of temple fairs. With the passing of time, these temple fairs have gradually evolved into the Mt. Wutai International Tourist Month, which sets the stage for displaying the Wutai Mountain as one of China's 4 major Buddhist mountain sanctuaries and its wealth of ancient sites and cultural artifacts.

During the festival, people can enjoy large-scale Buddhist ritualistic ceremonies, folk art activities, and a large mule and horse fair. During the month, the entire mountain is enshrouded in the mystery of a religious atmosphere, as monks from all over the country gather at Taihuai Town performing Buddhist rites to save the souls of the dead and chanting Buddhist sutras. The event gives the traveler an excellent opportunity to visit the architecture of the cluster of temples and monasteries on Mt. Wutai, and learn something about local habits and customs.