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Weifang Kite Festival

Date: April 20-25
Venue: Weifang City (Shandong)

Weifang Kite FestivalWith a kite-making history of 600 years, Weifang is known throughout the world as one of China's 3 major kite-making schools along with Beijing and Tianjin. Unmatched artisanship and diverse subject matter that draws heavily from local folk life characterize Weifang Kite.

Since 1984 Weifang has been the site of an annual international kite festival, which attracts numerous visitors from every nook and cranny of the world. During the fanfare the sky of the city is swarmed with kites ingeniously designed and colorfully decorated.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why Weifang has been lauded by kite fans as "capital of the world of kites". The International Kites Federation is headquartered in Weifang.

During the festival, there is the opening ceremony at which the first batch of kites will take off, international and domestic kite competitions, selection of the 10 best kites, visit to a kite museum, folk art performances at Yangjiabu, and shopping.