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Henan - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou

Guanlin Temple
Longmen Caves
Luoyang Ancient Tomb Museum
Luoyang Peony
Wangcheng Park
White Horse Temple

Luoyang is a small city, 25 kilometer to the south of the Yellow River and is well known as the ancient "Capital of 9 Dynasties", having been capital form the Eastern Zhou (770 BC) to the later Tang dynasty and "City of Peony".

Since 1949, the city has grown in importance as an industrial center. It now has machine-building works, chemical factories, textile plants, glass works and a large tractor factory.

With its historic background, you can always find many glorious palaces, temples and caves in Luoyang. Here you can visit the famous White Horse Temple, the Guanlin Temple, the Longmen Caves and the Wangcheng Park. In every April, you can come and enjoy the beautiful and elegant Luoyang Peony flowers.