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Luoyang - Wangcheng Park

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Located on both banks of Jian River on the north side of the western reach of Zhongzhou Road, Wangcheng Park gains its name only because it is now on the relics of the Imperial City in the Western Zhou dynasty.

Peony in Wangcheng ParkCovering an area of 67 hectares, it is the largest comprehensive park in Luoyang. There is a zoo, peony yards, swimming pools and an under-ground exhibition room of the Han Tomb. In the peony yards on both sides of Jian River, there are thousands of rare and precious peonies named "Yellow yao" and "Purple wei". These 2 peony yards become the main spot of the annual Luoyang Peony Fair.

The ancient architectural complex in the western part of the park fully displays the lingering charm of the Zhou's architectural style. The tablet named Hetu and Luoshu is another attractive spot there. Hetu and Luoshu is a famous legend of ancient Chinese civilization.

Some 6,000 to 7,000 years ago, a horse with a picture-scroll named Hetu on its back sprang out of the Yellow River, and an immortal turtle with a book named Luoshu on its back swam in the Luo River. Later, Fuxi, known as the ancestor of human beings, deducted the Eight Diagrams of Yin and yang (the positive and negative) and thus the universe was divided into 2, the Heaven and the Earth.

However, according to the doctrine of Luoshu, Dayu, the first king of the Chinese Nation, drew up a constitution named 'Hong Fan Jiu Chou' to rule the country and from then on began the Chinese civilization. So during every Pure Brightness Festival-held in the 5th of the 24 solar terms, personages of various circles gather here to worship their common ancestors.