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Wuhan - Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei - Jingzhou - Shiyan - Wuhan - Yichang

The Museum of Hubei Province established in 1953 contains the most important collections of artifacts in the province. All the museum buildings of 3 stories are of silvery white color, dazzling in the midst of lush green trees.

The museum has a store of 146,000 pieces of cultural relics, 672 of which are first class State treasures. The collections are of many different kinds and rich with local colors. The Hall of Chime-bell-sets, completed in 1999, exhibits 400 pieces of choice chime bells, some of which were exhumed from the tomb of Duke Yi of Zeng State of the Western Zhou dynasty.

The performance of chime music and dancing, using reproduced chimes and dancers in ancient Chu costumes and hair-do is much enjoyed by visitors.

One of the renowned exhibitions is Sword of Duke Goujian of Yue State (473-306 BC) and Ancient Weaponry.

Although the museum is small, its collection is rich and various, which attract more and more appreciative visitors from both home and abroad.