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Wuhan - Yangtze River Bridge

Hubei - Jingzhou - Shiyan - Wuhan - Yichang

The Yangtze River Bridge is the first highway-railway bridge over the Yangtze River. Built in 1955, the grand bridge is 1,670.4 meter long with the main body of 1,156 meter. It has 8 piers and 9 holes. The bridge is divided into 2 levels with the upper one for bus transit and the lower for trains. The driveway is 18 meter wide for 6 buses to run parallel.

Yangtze River BridgeTo fully view the splendid bridge and the marvelous river, you can climb up the 7-story bridge tower at either end of the bridge by elevator or staircases. The attached buildings and decorations are harmonious and exquisite, reflecting rich Chinese architectural features.

The theme of sculptures on the 143 panes along each side of the bridge is from the folk art, such as the peacock showing its fine feathers, carp playing among lotus, a magpie singing on blossom tree.

From the bridge, you can see the rolling water run to the east with ships coming and going; on the bank, Hubei TV Tower stands tall on Tortoise Hill in Hanyang, while the first tower in southern China, the Yellow Crane Tower, stands on Snake Hill in Wuchang.