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Nanjing - Xuanwu Lake

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The lake lies northeast of the city near the railway station, out of the city wall. It used to be the drilling camp of the imperial navy and recreation center of aristocrats.

Xuanwu LakeAt the end of the Qing dynasty, it was turned into a park, which occupied an area of 434 ha with 368 ha in water.

It was said that once a black dragon was seen in the lake. Then it was named Xuanwu Lake, since black dragon was considered God of Water, respected as Xuanwu in Chinese Taoism.

The lake is surrounded by mountains. In the lake, there are 5 isles which are connected by bridges or mounds, each of them having a very attractive and unique flavor. Huan Isle is famous for its willow trees in the mist in spring, while Ying Isle is popular for its cherry blossom; Liang Isle is noted for its chrysanthemums in autumn; Cui Isle wins fame for its varieties of trees and quietness; Ling Isle attracts people for its purple and golden clouds.