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Nanjing - Xuyuan Garden

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Originally the west garden of the Mansion of the Heavenly King of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and later of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of China, it is the gem of southern garden art of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The western part of the courtyard is a beautiful classical garden typical of southern style, covering an area of 1.8 ha including 0.2 ha of water surface. The garden was called Xuyuan (Balmy Garden) in the Ming dynasty and served as west garden in heavenly King's Palace during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Period. Dotted with fragrant flowers and plants, towering old trees, shrilling cicadas and hopping birds, bridges over running water, hills mirrored on the lake, and colourful swimming fishes, the garden is full of life everywhere while the magnificent buildings are ornamented with upturned eaves and vivid dragon carvings. Hong Xiuquan; the Heavenly King and Dr. Sun Yatsen as well as the heads of the Nationalist Government have worked here.

People wandering about in this place may enjoy the beautiful scenery and fall into reveries about the past. The stone boat in the garden is also very unique.