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Wuxi - Lingshan Buddha

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Lingshan Buddha25 kilometer from the city's downtown area, the Lingshan Sakyamuni Buddha stands solemnly at the site of famous Tang Dynasty Xiangfu Temple, which was ruined after a series of ancient wars.

The bronze icon is 76 meter long, 30.5 meter higher than the Statue of Liberty. Entirely made of tin and copper, the statue weighs more than 700 tons. On the left side, the Shiwuwei seal is supposed to reduce suffering in the world while the Yuyuan seal on the right delivers happiness. The character on the Buddha's chest represents solemnity and virtue.

With the nearby Taihu Lake and a beautiful range of hills, the Lingshan Buddha attracts the faithful, as well as travelers, especially from Hong Kong and Japan, the former of which are said to have contributed some $ 150,000 towards the construction of the site.