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Dalian - Bangchuidao Scenic Area

Liaoning - Dalian - Shenyang

5 kilometer east of downtown Dalian, Bangchuidao Scenic Area consists of Bangchuidao Island and Bangchuidao Guesthouse. The islet is situated 600 meter away from the smooth seashore. Since the ginseng shaped island looks like a Bangchui; a wooden baton used by ancient Chinese as a washing tool, it was named Bangchuidao by the local people.

Covering only 0.3 square kilometer, the tiny islet features steep cliffs, craggy stones, blossoming flowers and singing birds. Its lido and sunrise win the small islet a fine fame.

Bangchuidao Guesthouse is the state guest house of Dalian. Built in 1960, the luxurious hotel covers 87 hectares and has a building space of 42,137 square meter. Now the hotel has been outfitted with standard golf course, bowling alley, tennis court, swimming pool and other modern recreational facilities, which ensures visitors a happy stay in the beautiful scene.