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Xian - Huaqing Hot Springs

Shaanxi - Xian - Yan'an

Huaqing Hot Springs are situated at the foot of Li Mountain, 30 kilometer from Xian.

For centuries emperors came here to bathe and enjoy the scenic beauty, and it has been a favorite spa since the Tang dynasty. The water of hot springs rises at a temperature of 43 °C. It contains lime, sodium carbonate, sodium sulphate and other minerals, which makes it suitable for bathing and the treatment of quite a few diseases such as dermatitis, rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain.

Huaqing Pools is fascinating for its exquisite and picturesque scenery characterized by pink peach blossoms, green willows, dense foliage, beautiful pavilions and terraces, magnificent halls, rolling towers, winding corridors and long verandas, Jiulong (Nine Dragons) Lake is crystal clear and mirrors the pavilions and towers.