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Xian - Shaanxi Provincial History Museum

Shaanxi - Xian - Yan'an

The Shaanxi History Museum is located 4 kilometer south of Xian, with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to the east. It is a magnificent architectural complex in the Tang dynasty style. It is the first huge state museum with modern facilities in China, and given the reputation of "bright pearl of ancient city, treasure house of China".

Conformed to the last wish of former Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, Shaanxi History Museum was built from 1983, and was finished on June 20th, 1991 and open to the public. The museum has an area of 65,000 square meter, building place 55,600 square meter, cultural relic storerooms of 8,000 square meter exhibition halls of 11,000 square meter.

Shaanxi Provincial History MuseumThe architecture of the museum is simple, unsophisticated, elegant and unique in style. It combines the construction of the ancient Chinese palaces and courtyard buildings, harmonious and graceful in hue, and demonstrates the Chinese traditional architectural style.

The museum's exhibits consist of 113,000 artefacts unearthed in the province and chronologically arranged in 3 exhibition halls. The exhibits cover the Han, Wei, Jin, North and South, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as the prehistoric and bronze period.

The exhibition vividly and systematically depicts Shaanxi history, ranging from 1,150,000 years ago up to the year 1840. In Chinese history, 11 dynasties established their capitals in Shaanxi Province, lasting more than 1,000 years. The relics of Shaanxi History Museum are best characterized and representative in Shang & Zhou bronze wares, pottery warriors of past dynasties, Tang gold & silver wares, mural paintings in Tang tombs, which reflected the prosperity and development of Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang dynasties and are well-known all over the world.