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Xian - Tomb of Crown Prince Yide

Shaanxi - Xian - Yan'an

The Tomb of Crown Prince Yide is to the southeast of Qianling Tomb. Prince Yide, Li Chongrun, was the first son of Emperor Zhongzong, Li Xian. He was killed by Wu Zetian in 701 AD at 19 years old. In 705, when Zhongzong returned to the throne he was awarded posthumously the title of Crown Prince Yide and in 706 his remains was moved to the Qianling.

There were a mound and enclosure walls around the Tomb of Crown Prince Yide. To the south of the walls were a pair of stone lions, 2 pairs of stone figures and a pair of obelisks. The tomb consists of a tomb tunnel, 3 doors, 7 air-shafts, 8 niches and tomb chambers. It is altogether 10.8 meter in length.

There are 40 well-preserved mural paintings on the walls depicting the court life including guards of honor, the Blue Dragon, White Tiger, city walls, watch towers, musicians, men-servants and maids of honor, which show Li Chongrun's extraordinary social position.

Over a thousand items of ceramic figures, tri-color figurines and pottery as well as items of gold, copper and iron have been found here.