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Xian - Xianyang Museum

Shaanxi - Xian - Yan'an

Reconstructed and opened to the public in 1962, Xianyang museum, based on a Confucian temple of the Ming dynasty, is one of the famous museums in China.

It's covering an exhibition area of 1216 square meter, consists of 9 showrooms and a stele corridor, with over 15,000 cultural relics, out of which 4,000 are on display.

No. 1 showroom mainly displays axes, potteries and cuspidal-bottom bottles of Neolithic era. Some bronze weapons such as spears, daggers, swords and halberds are also demonstrated here.

No. 2 exhibiting hall mainly shows the articles unearthed from Xianyang Qin palace, which include model of the Qin palace, air bricks and some construction materials.

No. 3 exhibiting hall shows murals from Xianyang Qin palace, revealing the thriving and prosperous condition of the Qin Empire.

No. 4 exhibiting hall shows paintings and calligraphies of contemporary celebs.

The famous Han terra cotta army is showing in the 5th and 6th exhibiting halls. Powerful and sturdy, they fully express the mighty military power of the West Han dynasty.

No.7, No. 8 and No. 9 halls display the biggest copper Buddha of the Ming dynasty and some religionary relics. A newly built stele corridor gathers about 100 famous steles, showing the high calligraphy art of the ancient times.