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Shanxi - Pingyao

Shanxi - Datong - Taiyuan

City Wall
Qiao Family Compound
Qing and Ming Street
Rishengchang Financial House Museum
Shuanglin Temple
Temple of the city of God
Wang Family Compound
Zhenguo Temple

The Pingyao Ancient City lies in the Pingyao County in the middle of Shanxi Province, facing the middle reaches of Fen River, 100 kilometer away from Taiyuan City. The county seat is rich in valuable and various cultural relics and historic sites, which has brought reputation to this county among so many county towns in China.

The Pingyao Ancient City was built in 1370 AD during the Ming dynasty. Though it had been repaired in Ming and Qing dynasty, it has kept the original look of the early Ming dynasty.

The city walls, streets, houses, shops, temples etc. in this city have all been standing still as if they were in the past. The original architectural style and featuresviews have never been changed to this day. In early time there were 94 watchtowers on the wall, towers were built on the top of the gate and even the 4 corners have corner towers.

But now most of these buildings have been destroyed except the city wall. And almost all the ancient buildings inside the town and in the outskirts have been kept in good conditions, which have contributed to the historical wealth of the Pingyao Ancient City.

The Pingyao Ancient City is one of the 4 ancient cities well preserved in China and it was evaluated as the most outstanding heritage in the world by UNESCO in 1997. The heritage council of UNESCO reported that the Pingyao Ancient City was a masterpiece of the city architecture done by the Chinese Han nationality. The city has kept all the ethical characters and has displayed an unusual complete picture in the development of the histories of culture, society, economy and religion in China.