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Pingyao - Zhenguo Temple

Shanxi - Datong - Pingyao - Taiyuan

The Zhenguo Temple is located in Hedong Village, 15 kilometer northeast of the seat of Pingyao, 85 kilometer south of Taiyuan. It was built in the year of 963, in the 7th year of reign of Emperor Tianhui in the Northern Han during the five dynasties.

Wanfo Hall, the main hall of the temple, is square-shaped while its roof resembles an umbrella. The hall is a rare well-preserved wooden structure built in the Five dynasties. Indoors are 11 round tall statues in the style of the Tang dynasty, including Buddha, Bodhisattvas, disciples, and Vajra, etc. Furthermore, the treasure of closely-planted ancient trees adds lustre of simpleness and grace to Zhenguo Temple.