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Jiuzhaigou is located in the north of Sichuan Province and is known far and wide as "a fairyland". It covers a total area of 720 square kilometer. The name Jiuzhaigou came from 9 Tibetan villages scattered throughout the valley. Its attraction lies in its simple, idyllic beauty; a fairyland, primitive and natural and still in its pristine state.

With majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, layered waterfalls, colourful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folk villages, all blending in harmony with each other; it is nature's jewel set into the mountains.

JiuzhaigouJiuzhaigou lies in a transitional area where northern and southern flora and fauna meet. A natural botanical and zoological garden, it is a home of densely growing conifers and broadleaf trees, and of rare and endangered animal species such as the giant panda, golden monkey, and white-lip deer. Recently, UNESCO has recognized the Dujiangyan Dam as a world cultural heritage site.

When spring is coming, the ice and snow begin to melt and spring water begins to rise. The Jiuzhaigou Valley is radiant and enchanting. The air is filled with the fragrance of wild blossoms. The bright mountain flowers are in full bloom, and the spring sun kisses the lakes.

In summer the Jiuzhaigou Valley becomes covered with verdant green, layers upon layers of dragon spruces, it seems that the colour is dripping from the trees.

There are many beautiful lakes, which are pure and unblemished. The lush forest is alive, and the clear green waters reflect the violet clouds floating above, adding to the summer charm of the Jiuzhaigou. Where summer in most places is so hot, in the Valley you can feel very cool and comfortable when you are walking through the forest.

Autumn is the most magnificent season of all in the Valley. The breeze is intoxicating, while the leaves turn crimson on the trees. The colorful red autumn leaves and woods are reflected in the sparkling translucent lakes; the fallen petals float in the water. The remote sky is clear and bright. Your eyes are filled with the most beautiful view of the natural world.

In winter, the Valley becomes especially quiet, mountains and woods are coated in snow, and the waterfall and lakes are as clear as ice and pure as gems. The color of the ice layer on the blue lakes changes throughout the year, according to the range of temperatures. Between the iced waterfalls, the rippling water makes refreshing sounds.