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Jiuzhaigou - Multi-Color Lake

Sichuan - Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Leshan

Multi-color Lake covers an area of 5,645 square meter, with a depth of 6.6 meter. It is situated below Long Lake and deeply hidden among the highly elevated forests.

Multi-color Lake, the quintessence of the whole Jiuzhaigou, is full of aquatic biological species, such as sponges, algae, and ferns. In addition, there are many herb-like reeds and plants growing in the pond. Because different plants in the pond contain different levels of chlorophyll, they present different colours in the water, with a high consistency of calcium carbonate.

The pond is an exquisite patchwork of different colours; light green, milky white, bright yellow and pale blue. Visitors can experience a splendid view of this amazing scenic phenomenon.