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Jiuzhaigou - Nuorilang Waterfall

Sichuan - Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Leshan

Nuorilang Waterfall has a drop of 30 meter, and is 180 meter wide. It is one of China's largest calcium falls. The massive water current washing over the cliff top overgrown with willows, drops some 30 meter down and forms a number of spectacular waterfalls of various shapes and sizes.

Nuorilang WaterfallSome water drops straight to the ground, in other places it dashes against rocks midway and explodes into millions of colorful tiny beads. The name "Nuorilang" means "magnificent and splendid" in Tibetan language; the fall is famous for its broadness and grandeur. When the sun is shining you will be enchanted by the magical and wonderful rainbows rising above.

During winter, it becomes a dazzling white curtain of solid snow hanging from the top of the cliff. At the bottom, you can see icicles, some of which are more than 2 meter in length, which greatly resemble swords or spears used by martial arts exponents of yore. Southwest of Nuorilang waterfall is Rize Gully, where there are many scenic spots.