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Baisha Mural
Black Dragon Pond
Hutiao Gorge

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Lugu Lake

The city is located near the Jade dragon snow mountain and is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites. The city has beautiful small wooden and brick houses with streams running in between which have been around for many years.

The city is also known as the "old town of Lijiang". This is because its history goes way back to 1,300 years ago. The majority of people in this town are of Naxi nationality and the town is also the seat Naxi Autonomous County. The Naxi people are one of the unique ethnic groups left in china with a unique way of life and language. They love flowers this can be seen in each courtyard being filled with flowers. The Naxi people are ruled by women.

The city has preserved its natural beauty and is surrounded by lush and green vegetation. The city attracts a lot of tourists both international and local. Tourists are taken back in time as they walk along the cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways and scenic canalscapes which have been well preserved over the centuries. As you walk down the streets you cannot tell that a terrible earthquake took place in 1996, which caused many deaths and injuries and destroyed many buildings. They have already reconstructed everything.

Many people visit the town to relax and to see the great attractions.

Baisha Mural

The mural is situated at the Baisha village; it was made in 1385 to 1619 by well known artists who included the Chinese Daoist, Tibetan and Naxi Buddhists and local dongba shamans. The murals represented different religions and art. The paintings were stored in ancient buildings.

The mural is of black, silver, dark green, gold and red colors, while the murals in the back of the hall have brown soot. The figures and scenes have been borrowed from the Tibetan Buddhist iconography. Some of the paintings were deliberately destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. The damage done on the paintings is still visible but the worst loss is that of the wooden statuary, which was the greatest symbol of the temple.

Black Dragon Pond

Its location is perfect; it located in front of the moon Embracing pavilion and bridge and on the background is the beautiful Jade Dragon snow Mountain. The waters of the pond are very green and the pound is surrounded by beautiful flowers. The atmosphere is relaxing and visitors experience the best from Mother Nature. The magnificent Suocui Bridge welcomes visitors with under it three waterfalls. The local people love to stand at the bridge to clap, laugh and watch the bubbles from the pond. To get to the park you can walk or take a taxi, but the best choice is to walk as you will get to see enchanting houses.

The Wufeng pavilion is situated north of the black dragon pond. The pavilion was built in the 29th year of Wanli era of the Ming Dynasty. The pavilion is beautiful and it is has a local feel to it.

Hutiao (Tiger Leaping) Gorge

The gorge is located 100 kilometer northwest of the Lijiang. The gorge is believed to be one of the deepest in the world. The gorge has steep rocks, deep gorges and torrential current. The gorge is dived into three parts; the Upper Reach, the Middle Reach and the Lower Reach. Visitors exploring the gorge should be careful since the steep rocks are dangerous and some are very sharp.

The gorge gives the visitor a sense of adventure. It is truly a beautiful site with great scenery.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The mountain looks like a silver dragon looking upon its subjects. The beautiful mountain is full of life with plants, wild animals which are rare and are protected by the state, and the best gifts from Mother Nature. Many describe this mountain as breathtaking and radiant.

The mountain history dates back to 230 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Scientists believe that it got it shape from the dinosaurs more than 600 000 years ago. The mountain experiences storms in its glaciers and the silver gray rocks on its five premium peaks. The mountain is home to beautiful flowers and on the lower slopes goats graze as the herders' belt out great tunes.

The mountain also has tea of its kind which is known as Wild Snow Tea which the Naxi people believe is good for high blood pressure. The tea ripens during winter and the Naxi community comes in large numbers during the months of November, December and January to pick it.

The mountain is truly beautiful and it even has green snow. The mountain has continued attracting scholars who give testimony that it's a hidden jewel.

Lugu Lake

This lake is well hidden in the mountain regions of Lijiang. The beautiful lake is truly a jewel on the northwest plateau in Yunnan. It goes through a transformation; in the morning it has an orange glow, during the afternoon it has a jade green colour and in the evening the lake is calm and romantic with a dark green color.

The lake has retained its charm and natural beauty through the centuries. It is surrounded by five beautiful islands. The air around the lake is fresh, the water is clean and clear and you can see the fish swimming. The best season to visit the lake is during spring and summer when the flowers are everywhere and the birds are singing freely.